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German 10,5cm (4.1in) SKC/33 barrels - early type (16pcs)

Tillverkare: Master Model MTR-SM700003

Byggsatstyp: Tillbehör

Material: Metall

Skala: 1/700

69.00 kr
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German heavy AA gun. This gun was standard AA gun for larger German warships (Deutschland, Battleship Scharnhorst, Bismark/Bismarck , 'H', Admiral Hipper and Prinz Eugen classes). (designed to be used with Dragon, Revell and Trumpeter kits)The set includes turned brass barrels. It is very simple to use in Your model, and makes it extremely realistic. Simply cut off the original plastic barrel and drill a hole in the remaining breech mechanism and insert the metal barrel using Cyanoacrylate adhesives. (designed to be used with Tamiya TA31805 kits)

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